"Vessel" Table"Vessel" Table detail"Silo""Silo" detail"Dog Trot" Table"Dog Trot" Table detail"Cross Roads" Table"Cross Roads" Table detail"Corn Crib" Vessel"Corn Crib" Vessel detail"Elevator""Elevator" detail"Vigilance" Lamp"Vigilance" Lamp detail"Water Tower" LampHall Table"Share Croppers" TablesPodium
Structures Series
The images show here are from a new body of work made for a One Man Show at the Hunter Gallery of St George's School, Newport RI 2012. This body of work is meant to explore wood as a marker of time and structures that are disappearing from our rural landscape.

Speculative work/Show work used to factor much more as a means of generating business through the Gallery world. With the downturn of 2001 and the crash of 2008 many of these venues have closed . In spite of this change makers like myself still do speculative work as a means of generating new, fresh ideas and keeping the creative spark going.