At work on the lathe
The "Nuts and Bolts"
Briefly, this is how the process of
commissioning works. You give me a call, and if you are close in proximity we set up a meeting. If not a phone conversation will work. We will talk about your needs and desires, regarding an object(s) that you want me to create. This meeting/conversation gives me an idea of your lifestyle, habits and what you enjoy in our physical world. By the end of this time together I will give you a rough estimate of what I think it will cost you for me to design, build and delivery the given object. If this ball park figure is agreeable to you I will then start the design process. I charge a non refundable $500 design fee, my creative time is as important as the building time and it doesn't come free. The design process usually has 3 stages. 1) you are given 3 scale design drawing proposals of the object you are interested in. 2) after your review and a conversation you pick one of the 3 designs and I refine it. Adding detailing, refining the weights and balances of the elements and making changes based on our conversation. 3) I give you a 1/4 scale drawing of the refined design, with specifications of woods, materials and other necessary details. At this time you are given a firm price as to the cost of the commission. I give you a schedule of construction and a ball park date of delivery. If the terms are agreeable I require a deposit of 50% to start the commission. If the commission is over $4000, I require an additional 25% when the object is 60% completed. Balance is due upon delivery. If the commission is a built in or requires installation, all charges associated (travel, materials, extra labor/help and time) are billed at current shop rate.